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DAD Letters (Ref L250)

DAD Letters (Ref L250)

Letter tribute WITH CARNATIONS


Price per letter £45


These funeral letter tributes are covered using fluffy white chrysanthemum flowers and carnations with a satin effect edge with lovely clusters of roses.  You can choose from any colour of carnations and ribbons, the chrysanthemums are available in white (as shown), yellow, burnt orange, dusky or bright pink, green.  The clusters of flowers can be a mixture of any colours of your choice.


The size of a letter is 1ft high x approximately 1ft wide.

These floral tributes can be referred to as name, word, letter frame tributes and can be made to spell any word or numbers for a date or age, for example.  The most traditional arrangement is for mum, dad, nan, grandad, as well as gran, sister, auntie (aunty), cousin, nephew, brother, uncle, pops, grandma, grandpa.  We offer a wide range of styles available, alternatively contact us to discuss other idea you may have

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